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"Open Day" and General Meeting

General Meeting of the Society for the Promotion of Cancer Therapy e.V.

Our General Meeting 2024 will take place on Saturday, June 8, 2024, in the rooms of the Carl Gustav Carus Institute.

Start: 3 pm. Invitations and announcements will be made in good time.

Traditionally, this is followed by an open day, where we open our doors to interested visitors to show laboratory rooms and collections and report on our research.

At 8 p.m. in the Öschelbronn Clinic hall, Prof. Dr. Roman Huber (University Center for Naturopathy at Freiburg University Hospital) will speak on the topic of
"What significance does mistletoe therapy have in today's oncology" (in German).

This evening lecture will also be announced as part of the "Öschelbronn Talks".


The General Meeting 2023 took place again in person, together with an Open Day on Saturday, 1 July 2023, starting at 3 pm in the cafeteria of the Carl Gustav Carus Institute. Executive Board member Professor Dr Walter Hutter was standing for election this time. He was re-elected and accepted the election.

The subsequent open day, which we held in cooperation with Abnoba GmbH, was very well attended. Numerous interested visitors took part in the guided tours offered. Our laboratory rooms and our collections were shown. There were many opportunities to talk to us. The guided tours through the production rooms of the neighbouring Abnoba GmbH also met with great interest. Here one could follow the way of mistletoe through the different production steps such as extraction, mixing, dilution to the offered concentrations, controls, sterile filling in ampoules, as well as labelling and packaging up to the worldwide distribution.

The day was concluded with a lecture by Dr. Johannes Wilkens (Alexander von Humboldt Klinik, Bad Steben) entitled: "The special features of the 9 host trees of the mistletoe medicinal product abnobaVISCUM for cancer therapy", at 8 pm in the auditorium of the Öschelbronn Clinic.
Here are a few words from Mr. Wilkens about his lecture: "Of the mistletoe produced by Abnobaviscum from nine trees, ash mistletoe has so far been the preferred choice for use in oncology. However, there is enormous potential in the use of the other trees in cancer treatment, but also in prophylaxis. Each tree stands for a specific type of tumour and a specific cancer personality.  In the lecture it will be shown how one can easily find his/her specific Abnoba tree."

This talk was published in part in the Öschelbronner Akzente 2023/2024.


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