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Mistletoe Symposium

The Mistletoe Symposium is the most internationally renowned platform for scientific discussion on the state of the art of mistletoe therapy. Since 1995 it has been organised by Dr. Rainer Scheer from our Institute.

The aims and tasks of the Mistletoe Symposia are
•    to present and publish the state of the art in basic research and clinical practice on mistletoe in tumour therapy on a regular basis - every 4 years,
•    to be a meeting place and discussion forum for scientists and physicians of different disciplines and therapeutic directions as well as for manufacturers of mistletoe preparations and representatives of the authorities,
•    to build bridges between conventional and complementary therapies in the sense of "integrative medicine" for the benefit of patients.

The contributions of each mistletoe symposium are published in books. The most recent of these books, containing the contributions from the 7th Mistletoe Symposium - most of them in English, was published at the end of 2020. A short description of the book can be downloaded here.

This interdisciplinary dialogue, across the boundaries of therapeutic directions, is important. The organizers would like to invite to this event.

The 8th Mistletoe Symposium has been announced for 9-11 November 2023. It will again take place at the European Academy Otzenhausen (EAO) in Nonnweiler (Saarland). You can find the current announcement here.

For this, the organisers would like to invite you to submit scientific contributions for presentation at the EAO. You can find the Call for Abstracts here.

Integrated into the 8th Mistletoe Symposium is a face-to-face/online training course entitled Practice of Mistletoe Therapy. Date of this hybrid training course at the EAO: 10 November 2022, from 5 to 9.45 pm.

Further information can be found on the Mistletoe-Symposium-website www.mistelsymposium.de and in Akzente 2022/2023. In this issue there is also up-to-date information (in German) about this event, which is available for download here.


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